Pulse Wars
Crypto Fantasy League

Manage your Fantasy Pulsechain Crypto Portfolio
to be in with the chance of winning 3.5 billion PLS *

Enter the Pulse Pounding World of Pulse Wars


About Pulse Wars

Pulse Wars is an epic elimination-style game for NFT enthusiasts, strategists, and PulseChain supporters. Players manage their NFT portfolios and compete to achieve the highest portfolio value over 280 days, vying for a share of a massive 10 billion PLS prize pool. The overall winner could receive up to 3.5 billion PLS.

Players mint and collect unique NFTs from seven diverse classes, each with special powers. Strategic portfolio management is key as players trade and strategize to grow their fictional crypto portfolios.

The game progresses through multiple elimination rounds, where survival depends on skillful management and strategic foresight.With a fantasy league format, special powers for strategic advantages, and huge prizes, Pulse Wars offers a thrilling and competitive experience.

Join Pulse Wars, mint your NFTs, and compete to become the ultimate champion in the PulseChain ecosystem!


1 - Mint Your entry NFT

Will you mint one of the rarest and strongest “Founders of the Future”? It will highly increase your chances of progressing to the big money rounds!

2 - Select Your Portfolio

Prepare your warrior for battle, Select from your favorite PulseChain and legacy coins. Choose how to allocate your investments wisely.

3 - Progress to Win

All NFTs will engage in a series of 14 rounds of elimination leagues ultimately narrowing down to a single winner. The further you progress the more you win.

Character Classes

Here’s a sneak peek at the 7 formidable classes of characters ready to stand and fight.


4600 NFTs
Manage a portfolio of 4 Pulsechain coins


200 NFTs
Manage a portfolio any 4 coins you choose

#frenemies & vCs

2000 NFTs
Manage a portfolio of 4 Legacy coins


1000 NFTs
Manage a portfolio of 1 Pulsechain coin


1200 NFTs
Manage a portfolio of 1 Pulsechain coin and 1 Legacy coin


1000 NFTs
Manage a portfolio of Legacy coin


2000 NFT


200 NFT


1200 NFT


1000 NFT


6384 NFTs
Manage a portfolio of 4 Pulsechain coins

The Staker Class
Pulse Inu
Tang Bears
Byte SagA
Grove Girls

CITIZENS - Portfolio of 4 Pulse Chain Coins

Do you hold an NFT you love on Pulsechain??? Instead of it just sitting in your wallet it can now do battle and win prizes paid in PLS. Citizens are NFTs originating from other PulseChain NFT collections, already flourishing within the ecosystem - meticulously building portfolios of their preferred PulseChain coins, they are willing to fight to the death to protect their assets. Citizens have a unique benefit. Read our whitepaper to find out more


Portfolio of 4 Pulse Chain Coins

The Pulsican Robot Army is dedicated to safeguarding PulseChain at all costs. Members of this class have a strong affinity for PulseChain native coins and are always ready to fight in defence of the community.


Portfolio of 1 Legacy Coin

Maxis thrive in far and distant ecosystems and wish to destroy what we have built. They are Maxis of a single coin from outside PulseChain and are convinced they have already succeeded.


Portfolio of 1 Pulse Chain Coin

This class simply consists of a substantial holding of a single PulseChain native coin. The strategy here is to hold and fight for survival.


Portfolio of 4 Legacy Coins

These individuals attack everything related to Hex and PulseChain. Masters of spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), and embodying the worst of venture capital practices, they build portfolios of everything except PulseChain coins. They pose a threat to our ecosystem. Beware, as they might receive a small bonus that makes them more challenging to defeat in battle.


Our most powerful class can do what ever they want

Founders have already established a successful and thriving ecosystem of their own and are now looking to extend their dominance to include ours. They hold a distinct advantage over any opponent, with their knowledge and superiority. Take heed, RH will have superiority over all others.


Portfolio of 1 PulseChain & 1 Legacy Coin

These are exceptional items, icons, and memorabilia from the Hex and PulseChain community. Intended for fun, they add an element of randomness to the battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet The Team

Ally Kane

Turning our struggles and battles over the last few years into a fun game for everyone to enjoy as we now rise to GLORY! I have always been inspired by the HEX and PulseChain community. This game is my homage to the amazing community started by Richard Heart!


Escape is a boutique web3 development agency that helps founders and startups to build secure, high performance blockchain applications. They specialize in DeFi, NFTs and gaming on all EVM-compatible chains, although they have a special affinity for PulseChain.


Alfonso is the artistic talent bringing Pulse Wars, its landscapes and inhabitants to life. He has already helped created some of PulseChain's most recognizable NFT collections. His dedication to this project has been incredible, we are privileged to have him on our team.

Charlie 2020

Charlie was one of the artists involved in creating the WAATSA NFT collection and is the creator of the very popular Byte Saga and Secret Grotto collections on PulseChain. She was tasked with the artworks for our most prized collection, the Founders of the Future.

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